"Change happens through movement and movement heals."
Joseph H Pilates
Our Pilates offer consists of Pilates Personal Training and Pilates Open Studio Training. You can find the explanations below.


 If you have the goal

  • To manage your pain issues
  • To improve your posture
  • To gain more energy for your everyday needs and life.
  • To go riding, play golf, tennis, soccer, handball, or basketball more efficiently.
  • To improve your dancing, swimming, running, rowing, or any other sport with simplified and elastic movement.
  • To become more flexible
  • To combine optimal strength with optimal use of the forces around you
  • To optimize your concentration, awareness, and focus

To Find flow-states to be in zone
Pilates is probably for you.
There are many other reasons why Pilates is for you, and if it’s just for the fun you can have, doing it.


What is Pilates?

Pilates is more than fitness training. Joseph Pilates called his method “Contrology”. His books are called “Your Health” and “Return to Life”.
It's fun and challenges you to get to know your body in all its possibilities.
Pilates trains all muscles and the fascial network in every exercise. It enables you to face the challenges of life with resilience, flexibility, adaptability, pain-free and powerful.

Pilates is fascia training

One could call Joseph Pilates one of the fathers of modern fascial and functional training.
Breath flow, changing rhythms, low number of repetitions and constant changing of challenges during a lesson, coupled with high attention and precision are elements that should be found in every fascia training and functional training approach.Pilates plays with tempo changes, balance, your own strength, gravity, ground reaction force, momentum, and spring resistance.

Your Pilates training with me

I want to help you to find out how your body works. How you can evenly distribute the forces acting on you into your entire system.
You will learn how focus, attention, awareness, and precision, influence and control your movements.
Pain and tension issues caused by unfavorable movement habits are given the opportunity to dissolve by developing more efficient movement patterns.
This will make it easier for you to deal with internal and external stress factors.

Pilates Personal Training

In a 1 to 1 setting, you will get to know the Pilates repertoire that is important to you and learn the routines, which you can then continue to train independently in my presence during the Open Studio training times.

Open studio training

For everyone who wants to train their routines independently. The number of participants is limited to 4 per session. Prerequisite: You know your routines and know how to use the apparatus and your settings.
You can join these sessions also, if you have trained in other Pilates studios under other teachers. In this case, to get started, you'll need to have some personal trainings with me, so I am sure you know your routines and how to use my machines.
I only have one apparatus each (Reformer, Chair, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Spine Corrector, Pedi-Pull, Mini-Barrel) plus 8 mats and two rollers for that reason you should have routines on all equipment in order that switching between devices can occur.
Both training rooms will be used.
These are not guided training sessions. I will always be present, and I am available for questions. Learning new exercises or working intensively on your challenges with my instructions are part of personal trainings.

Pilates for musicians

Music has always been a part of my life. I have studied singing. I play several different instruments, albeit rather amateurish.
Working with professional and ambitious amateur musicians is a real pleasure for me.
In my opinion musicians are professional sports people. The instrument – be it the voice or one that is outside of the body – puts needs and challenges on your body.
These your body will adapt to more or less efficiently. More sub-optimal adaptations can result in pain issues and other limitations. Through this making music becomes constricted.
Our goal when working with each other will be to balance out the challenges of the voice / the instrument with the conditions and adaptation mechanisms of your body.  
A free, swinging way to play music will be long lasting and achieved with great ease.


Pilates for golfers

Pilates and golf go well together. This interplay has been appreciated by golfers for years. You may have found this page by searching the internet for «Pilates for Golfers». Then you have already noticed how many connections the two terms have.

All of the golfers I work with are looking for precision and refinement in their movements, and the Pilates method is ideal for that.

Especially training on and with the equipment helps you to learn to precisely control your movements. At the same time you learn to use your strength, gravity, momentum and elasticity in interaction.

And Pilates gets you into “the zone” just like playing golf itself.

“I rediscovered Pilates from a fascinating new perspective through the fascial Pilates training. My awareness of my own body also changed significantly. I had the most frequent ‘Aha!’ moments during the personal training with Joachim – moments where I thought, ‘Ok, so that’s what that feels like!’ There were things I had never really been aware of in my body before. Joe’s fine-tuned awareness, intuition and knowledge of the fascial lines means that he is able to continually challenge me afresh and help me to connect better with my body. He has taught me a lot about breathing, opening up the lines of the back, opening up the hips, the connection of the arms, and much more. He also has a very creative way of working with the equipment, and uses images to help improve my movements and posture and reduce tension. Thank you for all your help.”


“Working with Joachim Schultz was particularly special for me because as a singer himself, he was able to understand how professional musicians like me spend hours working on their instruments – in my case, sitting down – and knows the specific problems that come with it. He has an incredible sensitivity for the slightest areas of physical weakness, tension and anomalies, and immediately recognises the impact of those tensions on other parts of the body.”


“My body developed various different strategies to cope with my cerebral limp, many of which used greater mental and muscular exertion to compensate for a lack of motor patterns. Through working with Joachim, I learned to recognise these strategies and find alternatives that require less effort by making use of biomechanical principles. I was particularly impressed by Joachim’s remarkably fast and thorough understanding of my complex and unusual movement patterns.”