Pilates teacher training


Teacher training

We offer coaching, workshops and training for Pilates instructors and all other movement professionals.

We have many years of experience as members of the teaching team at the Centre for Spatial Medicine. We have developed a series of workshops that focus on topics that deepen and expand our work as movement specialists, such as the results of fascia research. When it comes to Pilates, these findings lead to an in-depth understanding of the method originally developed by Joseph Pilates.


Colleagues have been coming to us for years to seek training:

“Pilates training with Joachim does me a lot of good. Joachim’s teaching is precise, sympathetic and thoughtful. I always feel safe and that I am in good hands. Joachim is always able to answer my questions about anatomy and movement and explain the concepts really well. His Pilates training benefits me on both a personal level and as a Pilates instructor. Thank you, Joachim!”


“My greatest challenge as a physiotherapist was always feeling my way into my patients’ postural and movement patterns. This has become much easier after encountering the CPM concept and learning about myofascial pathways. What is more, Joachim strives to take a holistic approach to understanding people. First and foremost, the aim is to restore lost movement, to find and expand the space for breath and recognise energy channels as they span the whole of the body. However, this often results in changes on a profound personal level too. This is what I particularly value about working with Joachim. He has a very empathetic, sensitive and motivating approach.”