Fast, subconscious change with simultaneous conscious awareness

PSYCH-K unites the functions of both halves of the brain. Integrated brain function is a prerequisite for successful learning and living.

In a PSYCH-K session, kinesiological muscle tests are used as a bio-feedback system for the body to align the conscious and subconscious minds towards the same goal.

PSYCH-K helps to identify and directly alter emotional blockages and subconscious beliefs that stand in our way.

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What is Psych-K?

PSYCH-K is an interactive, non-invasive transformation process that is highly effective.

Self-limiting patterns of belief are targeted and permanently transformed within a short space of time.

PSYCH-K comprises a variety of different processes that can be applied every day. It can be thought of as a kind of energetic, psychological spring cleaning which helps bring body, mind and soul into balance. PSYCH-K is not just a method – it’s a journey.

PSYCH-K was developed by Rob Williams in 1988. As a manager and psychotherapist, Williams worked with the Psych-K method in one-to-one sessions for a long time, until he was completely overwhelmed with clients.

Eventually, he decided to train people in the PSYCH-K process. In the course of his decision to have a more public presence, he met Bruce Lipton at a conference. Lipton was fascinated by Williams’ demonstration of a change in mindset that was fast and simple to achieve.

Lipton’s research focuses on the idea that we are all impacted by our environment during our earliest years and have no conscious influence over this impact. In PSYCH-K, he found the answer to a question he was continually asked: how do I practically apply this knowledge of the impact my childhood experiences have had on me? How can I consciously shape my behaviour and my life to be the way I want them to be?