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Coronavirus Information

Update January 6, 2022

In our rooms masks are compulsory.

For all Pilates Training a valid certification of vacination or recovery will be needed. in addition masks are compulsory for training. If the you have a booster or the recovery is less than 4 months ago, we can dispense with the masks

For all treatments and therapies, masks are compulsory. No certificates are needed. 


New: Pilates Mat Classes

in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants

Tuesdays at 1200 hrs


to register: or soon with our online booking


New: Naked Pilates on the Mat for Men

working through the Pilates mat exercises in our birthday suits.

In small groups with a maximum of 6 participants

Tuesdays @ 1800 hrs and Thursdays @ 1730 hrs


to register: or soon with our online booking



Pilates Teacher Training

I am starting a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training. Further information you'll find under Pilates Education


Body therapy in Zurich

Real Ease

We aim to support and guide our clients to find real ease in every task.
Through the release of blockages and stagnation in body, mind and soul you will
re-ease into the flow of life.


Our aim is to improve your quality of life, increase your resilience and minimise or 
eliminate issues that affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.
In our practice for bodywork, manual therapy and coaching, we take the time to support our clients in a pleasant and trusting environment.

Who we are
movement centre - realease - albisrieden - zurich

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, holistic, manual therapy that boosts the body’s self-healing powers and restores its balance.

fascia pilates - realease - albisrieden - zurich

Pilates / Fascia  Training 

You will discover how your body responds while having fun and joy. Your fascial tissue will learn to transmit all forces that affect you evenly through your whole system.  

complementary therapy - realease - albisrieden - zurich

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration – ATSI

ATSI consists of twelve neuro-myofascial manipulation treatments.
It can be remarkably effective in treating both acute and chronic pain issues.

You can find us at Bristenstrasse 30  in Zurich

“I have had regular treatments with Seb and Jo. Because I do a lot of sport (triathlons/marathons), I often need help improving my posture or with treatment relating to injuries or muscle tension. I always feel that I am in capable hands here. Joachim’s Pilates coaching has helped me develop a much more effective running style. He was also able to relieve muscle tension in my body using KMI, so my muscles can function in a more relaxed way. Sébastien has provided numerous craniosacral treatments as well as emotional support. I benefited greatly from his skills. My recovery after events and injuries has been much faster as a result. I can highly recommend them both, as a team or on a one-to-one basis.”

B.D., Zurich