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REalEASE aus Zürich stellt sich vor

Welcome to our homepage. We want to meet you at eye level. We see ourselves as companions and in your process. We may have the expertise, but only you know yourself. For this reason, we keep our communication informal and generally address our clients on first name basis.

Our name says it all:


Real Ease 

How can we help you?

With us, you will find support and help with emotional challenges,


  • Stress in everyday life in relationships, family, and at work and with burnout

  • Grief and loss, end-of-life care

  • New beginnings and realignments

  • Dealing with neurodiversity in children (ADHD, ASD, etc.)

  • Specific topics for babies, toddlers, and school children

We offer Workshops, among others

  • Art- Coaching

  • Mother and Baby Dance

  • Refining touch in cuing movement

  • Male pelvis

  • How do I self-express After birth pelvic floor care


With us, you will find support and help with physical limitations and challenges

with AT Structural Integration©, Craniosacral Therapy (CST), or Pilates. In cases of, among others:

  • Chronic pain

  • Posture problems

  • Rehabilitation after accidents and operations

  • Reducing scars

  • Chronic restrictions in the organ system

  • Bone fractures and bone misalignments

  • Jaw tension

  • Improving performance and technique in sports (golf, tennis, swimming, horse riding, jogging, cycling, etc.

We get you moving through:

  • Pilates fascia training

  • You can dance freely into the evening with us

  • Dancing for mother and child

You can meditate with us.


We would like to accompany and support you in finding true lightness in every task and challenge.


By releasing and letting go of congestion and stagnation in your body, mind, and soul, you will ease back into the flow of life.


Our goal is positive changes in quality of life, increased performance and reduction or freedom from symptoms on a physical, psychological, and emotional level.

Who we are

Find us at Bristenstrasse 30 in Zürich

"Bei Seb & Jo habe ich mich schon öfter behandeln lassen. Da ich viel Sport mache (Triathlon/Marathon), brauche ich oft Hilfe bei der Verbesserung der Körperhaltung oder bei der Behandlung von Verletzungen oder Verspannungen. In allen Fällen fühle ich mich hier in guten Händen. Dank Joachims Pilates Coaching habe ich einen viel effizienteren Laufstil entwickelt. Ebenso hat er mit KMI meinen Körper von Verspannungen befreien können, so dass meine Muskeln lockerer arbeiten können. Sebastien hat mich mehrfach craniosacral und auch emotional stützend behandelt. Auch seine Fähigkeiten waren für mich sehr nützlich. Meine Erholung nach Wettkämpfen oder Verletzungen war dadurch viel schneller. Ich kann beide einzeln oder als Team sehr empfehlen!"

- B.D. Zürich

Call us: 043 817 46 77

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