Art coaching


A creative process that releases blocked energy and leaves you feeling free and inspired

No experience or previous knowledge of painting is required

Awareness, immersion, activation and implementation through intuitive painting and design

  • Are you a cerebral person looking to access your emotions?
  • Do you feel blocked by an invisible barrier in certain areas of your life?
  • Free yourself from former fetters.
  • Bring new momentum into your life.
  • Strengthen your belief in yourself.
  • Activate your intuition.
  • Gain clarity with regard to yourself and your next steps.
  • Discover new inner strength.
  • Establish a self-assured identity.
  • Go your own way, in harmony with both your mind and your emotions.


In Sébastien's workshop «einMal für DICH» you will experience and learn, how creative painting can help you in an interactive and playful way to:


  • come to terms with inner processes
  • to give form to your blocks and to transform and let go of them 
  • to gain new inner images and perspectives

The number of part6icipants is limited to 6.

Please bring closing in which you can move and in which you feel comfortable. We are going to work with our hands and oil pastel crayons on the floor. 

 Workshop per person: CHF 180.- including material and Snacks


“My first art coaching session was a very special experience that moved me deeply (yes, it included a few cathartic tears). Step by step, through the painting, the music and Seb’s empathetic work, I got to a better place. My eyes were opened and I found fresh energy. Thank you so much.”

M.S., Zurich